Dear New Consultant,

I am so thrilled and honored to have you in our FIRE National Area.  Mary Kay Ash said herself, "You have the promise of today - so make the most of it." Let me assure you: You have made a wise decision to start your Mary Kay business today and not tomorrow. Welcome to our family of directors and consultants. We are one of the fastest growing national areas in Mary Kay. My first challenge to you is to earn your FIRE Area pin. This is a tradition in the Lemmon National Area. See the flyer on the pin and get it done. When you earn that Pin, you will be so proud, and you'll most likely have given yourself a promotion.
The FIRE Area Sales Directors are the best of the best. Please take their guidance, coaching, and mentoring seriously. They have my upmost respect and love. The Mary Kay Independent Sales Directors in the Lemmon National Area are women of integrity, love, and the true Mary Kay go-give spirit. If I could give you five areas of advice to ensure your success in our amazing company:
1. Attend your weekly unit meeting consistently. Those that show up, go up!
2. Book and Hold a minimum of 3 shows per week. Mary Kay is a face to face business and it all starts at the beauty show.
3. Share this opportunity with everyone. Never pre-judge. And set your sights on the next promotion, car or career level.
4. Take God as your business partner. Feed your faith, not your doubt.
5. Never, never, never give up. Show me a re-committed person any day!
No. 5 is so critical. You must give this business time to work. I believe in you. Your sales director believes in you. Hang onto our belief until yours is strong. I love you and I can't wait to meet you!
Do it Today Not Tomorrow,
Yvonne S. Lemmon

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